An experienced criminal lawyer is paramount at the bail hearing stage otherwise you may be subject to very rigorous bail conditions that will make compliance with your bail conditions very difficult. An criminal lawyer can either negotiate on your behalf, or in the alternative, will advocate on your behalf to ensure your bail conditions are the least restrictive as possible.

In the event, your bail conditions also known as your release conditions need to be varied, an experienced criminal lawyer will be your best chance in securing the variation as they will have the necessary expertise to obtain the approval of the crown attorney. Our Richmond Hill criminal lawyers have the experience to present a compelling case to ensure your conditions are varied. In many instances supporting documentation will be required and an experienced criminal lawyer will play an instrumental role in helping you obtain the necessary supporting documentation that is required.

To contact an experienced Richmond Hill Criminal Lawyer with your bail hearing and/or bail variation request please contact us 647-352-BAIL (2245).

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