At Vakili Law Group our lawyers and paralegals have extensive experience representing individuals and corporations in small claims court on matters where the maximum limit of the claim is restricted to $25,000. Disputes in small claims court have the advantage of reaching a result much more quickly than civil litigation matters whereby the amount in dispute is over $25,000.

Legal Process:

Civil litigation even in small claims court can be overwhelming as there are many rules a party must comply with before their matter will be heard by a judge.

A properly crafted statement of claim is the first step in starting a lawsuit in small claims court and what follows next consists of a multitude of different pleadings. One of our lawyers can help you navigate this complex process and remove the stress from your case.


The custom in this area of the law is to bill clients by the hour, however as lawyers with extensive experience we can offer a reasonable flat rate fee in most cases.

If you need an experienced Richmond Hill Small Claims Court Lawyer contact our office at 647-352-2245.

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