At Vakili Law Group we have advised leading start up companies, established corporations and individuals to help reach their business goals. One of the most fundamental decisions an entrepreneur will need to make when setting up a business will be the legal structure of the business they wish to establish.

We can help you make the right strategic decision when deciding to start a business as you will need to decide whether you want to setup as a sole proprietor, a joint venture, a partnership or a corporation. Each of these unique business models has its own advantages and disadvantages and having a strategic partner in your business lawyer will help you make the right decision for your business.

Each business model has its own tax advantages, liability advantages and long term strategic acquisition and disposition advantages.

Our business lawyers take great pride in being apart of a company’s history by helping entrepreneurs reach their business goals.

We have also served as counsel to established companies by restructuring equity and debt financing, corporate reorganizations, facilitating regulatory approvals, syndicated credit facility transactions, project financing and general corporate matters.

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