At Vakili Law Group we have helped entrepreneurs reach their business goals through acquisition and disposition of their companies. Like any significant transaction, the acquisition of a business is an important decision that requires the purchaser to exercise due diligence.

As business lawyers, we can assist with the strategies that will structure your due diligence. Our role is to ensure you have the necessary information to ensure your investment is a worth while one and that your business will thrive without complication after completing the transaction.

If you wish to sell your business the same level of care is required to complete the transaction. A seller’s due diligence upon a sale of business is just as important as the main objective is to avoid complications or worse costly litigation after completion of the transaction. As business lawyers, we will help structure due diligence strategies to ensure your interests are protected at every stage, including post-closing of the transaction.

Sellers have an important decision to make when deciding to sell their business as they can either sell the assets of their business or sell the shares in the business. Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages and sellers need to be mindful of the tax implications that could arise from either sale transaction.

If you are considering selling or purchasing a business, then contact our office for assistance with your transaction. To reach an experienced Thornhill Business lawyer contact our office at 647-352-2245.

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