Domestic Assault is a serious criminal offence under section 266 of the Criminal Code in Canada and carries a maximum sentence of five years under the Criminal Code. A domestic assault is an assault between two people in a current of former relationship, either marriage, common law or dating relationship. Although there is no specific section for domestic assault under the Criminal Code, domestic assaults are treated more seriously if convicted. Under section 718.2 (a) (ii) domestic assaults are considered an aggravating factor and usually receive a harsher sentence.

At Vakili Law Group we specialize in domestic assault offences as our criminal lawyers have successfully represented hundreds of clients charged with this offence and secured withdrawals and acquittals for many clients charged with this offence.

Domestic assault can be a very traumatic experience for all persons involved as bail conditions will usually divide the family and can cause irreparable harm. It is immaterial whether the complainant wants contact with the accused or whether the complainant wants the charges dropped against the accused. Once a complaint is made and the police have reasonable grounds to believe an offence has been committed a charge of assault will follow irrespective of the complainant’s wishes.

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