Our criminal lawyers have extensive experience representing youths at all stages in the criminal process. Youth matters are dealt with quite differently than adults and have their own specific legislation known as the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA).  A youth under the YCJA is someone that at the time of the alleged offence was between 12 – 17 years of age.

Youths who are subject to the criminal justice system are treated very differently when compared to their adult counterparts. Youths are often viewed as immature, inexperienced, and fail to recognize the implications and consequences of their actions. In addition, society has a higher interest in rehabilitating youths and as such the YCJA is heavily focused on rehabilitation when compared to the Criminal Code. This is also the reason why custodial sentences (jail) are used as a last resort. Jail sentences are not common and only used to protect the public when the offence involves violence.

Youths also have enhanced rights under the YCJA and these enhances rights commence from the moment you are arrested as youths have the right to have a parent and/or the lawyer present while being questioned by the police.

Our Criminal Lawyers have successfully defended youths with a wide array of offences including Robbery with a firearm, Robbery, domestic assault, assault with a weapon, drug related offences, driving related offences, weapon related offences, and many more.

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